We’ve received feedback from several customers that they’d like the ability to simulate the phases of the moon. Wish granted! In developing this feature we consulted the literature, and here is an article that discusses this very topic as applied to reef aquariums. In summary, scientists believe that the phases of the moon help corals to synchronize their annual mating ritual. Aquarists, wanting to reach the highest standards of environmental simulation, have begun tinkering with moon phase simulation in their light fixtures.

Now the Storm and Storm X controllers will come with moon phase simulation installed. The user has the ability to turn this off if desired. The lunar phase simulation reduces the night brightness from its highest setting during the full moon, to full darkness during a new moon, and all the phases in between. It follows the natural 29.5 day lunar cycle. Moreover, the controller is smart enough to adjust the sunrise and sunset profiles so that the lunar phase intensity is seamlessly attained each night.

For the best results, we recommend using a dedicated low-intensity moonlight that can be driven at PWM level 30 or higher at its brightest point (full moon). This allows each day to be accurately simulated.

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