PC fans generally come in three flavors as far as control is concerned: 2-Wire, 3-Wire, and 4-Wire. The 2-Wire version is dumb, and simply turns on when plugged in. The 3-Wire version is the same, except it will tell you the fan speed in rotations per minute (RPM). We’ll not concern ourselves with these two […]

Introduction In starting sales of a new PWM LED Controller (The Storm and Storm X), we discovered the prevalence of consumer confusion about the various LED dimming schemes that are in use today. This article aims to provide a succinct and informative introduction to the topic of LED dimming as applied to aquarium lighting. Background […]

Some of you may know (from an earlier blog post) that almost all of the boards that we sell here are reflowed in-house. The term “reflow” is generically used to describe the process by which solder paste is melted, usually in a temperature-controlled oven, forming mechanical and electrical connections between the components. It is a […]

We’ve received feedback from several customers that they’d like the ability to simulate the phases of the moon. Wish granted! In developing this feature we consulted the literature, and here is an article that discusses this very topic as applied to reef aquariums. In summary, scientists believe that the phases of the moon help corals […]

A year or two ago, members of the online reef community got together to address a point of growing concern amongst would-be LED upgraders. This concern is the so-called “disco ball” effect that occurs when multiple light sources (read: LEDs) originate from different points, which is typically the case for traditional LED fixtures. Enter the […]

One of our first beta testers Skyler was kind enough to send us an update on his progress. He uses a Coralux Storm Controller running up to 3 LDD drivers off of each channel. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. Well done Skyler. I finished the lights. Let me tell you, this […]

Dave over at Nano Box Reef was kind enough to send us a new LED chip they’ve been working on. Here we take a look at powering it up with the Storm. The chips use two strings made up of Luxeon Rebel & Rebel ES LEDs, and can be run up to 1000mA per channel […]

During our months-long beta test, we encountered many users who didn’t qualify for the beta and yet would like to have the capabilities afforded by the Storm PWM Controller. These users didn’t qualify because they ran systems that required 0-10V PWM signals, often using Meanwell “P” series drivers such as the ELN-60-48P or the ELN-60-24P. […]

An important part of releasing any product is to make sure the product functions as intended and is reliable. To that end, we’ve run an extensive beta test with over a dozen participants testing the Storm and Storm X controllers in real-world reef tank environments. This follows months of development and testing (years if you […]