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    I am trying to use my 5 up to light my sump, frag tank, and a 65 hex that are all lit when my main lights on my 300 gallon planted tank are off. I am using 5 bxra 1350s on makers heatsinks. the lights work well when wired to 1000ma ldd wired meanwells. when I wire them to my 5 up nothing lights up. I run power+ to the vss input and the negative to one of the grounds on the chip. I have a ground from my storm x to the ground and run the pwm to input 1 and 2. when I wire the lights to the positive and neg of 1 and 2 they do not light. the drivers were placed in but not soldered down, is that the problem. if not I don’t know what the problem could be. any advise would be appreciated. also when I do get it working I want it to run on a totally different lighting cycle than my main tank. how can I get a out of sync light cycle programmed in on channels 11-15? thanks,steve

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