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    Yes, our firmware is open-source which means that it is free to use for personal projects! If you don’t feel like spending your time programming, we can provide custom code for a negotiated fee. Some examples of the custom work we’ve done:

    Apex Integration – allowing the Neptune Apex controller to define periods of cloudiness and/or lightning.
    Bare-bones – strip out pieces of the code that were not necessary for the users’ setup, providing more space for customizations.
    Custom menus – labeling the channels with their corresponding LED colors for ease of usability



    Is there any way you could explain the coding to how the menu system works or provide a link for it. I’d like to add and subtract things to it without messing anything up.




    Hi i Would like to know if its possible to modify the software to be able to set a timeout at personal desired time of the day and length.
    Example 30min sunrise 5hrs full power 3 to 4 hrs heavy cloud (adjustable channel to variable power like the pwm day and pwm night mode) then back full power then sunset. I work during the day so i would like to enjoy more when i am home.

    And having stormy day would be fun too.

    Example Thursday, from 18:30 to 20:45 storm or random weekly storm with adjustable duration (2,3 or 4hrs long storm)
    would be heavy cloud (variable if possible) with random lightning during that set time. Then back to a bright and sunny day.

    This would be fun option i don’t know how to program those controller but it would be really nice option to have.



    Is there any way possible to show the channel values only using the serial output or adding another menu to the display to show them?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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