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    We thought we’d share some of the great feedback we’ve been getting from customers out there. This post will be updated periodically to reflect the new feedback we’ve received from all of you. Thank you for your continued support.

    John writes:

    Chose the StormX for my new Nanobox mono. It is so great. Love your controller!

    Blaine writes:

    First off let me say excellent work in using some of the many discussions and items from ReefCentral to make them more available to people, as well as improving on already existing controllers by leaps and bounds.

    David writes:

    Hi there I have been looking a lot into your product and from what I see I love it! That being said I would love to purchase the Coralux storm along with 2x LDD-4 Driver Board and a acrylic shield. I am planning a LED build with 8 meanwell LDD and would love to write up a review about the coralux storm.

    Michael writes:

    I love my new storm controller! So far everyone that saw the cloud and lighting setting to are surprised and truly impressed by the effect it provides.



    I finally got mine up and working…

    After facing some issues, with the help of Ben who was replying to my emails 24/24 7/7,it is finally working…

    A great controller, much better than my previous one.

    Thanks a million Ben



    I’m glad you got things figured out! I totally understand that setting up the controller can be a challenge, but the result is worth it. Of course don’t hesitate to contact me 24/7.



    I’ve been happily using my Storm X controller long enough to be able to offer a few observations and suggestions. So here we go:

    My installation uses 12 channels of PWM across three 4 channel pucks spaced onto a 48″ Heatsink, over a 60″, 125 gallon Fish only tank.

    1st need: I spoke to support pre purchase to discuss the ability to do an east to west sunrise / sunset cycle to simulate natural cycles. They informed me that they working on it so I’ll wait for that to be available.

    2nd suggestion: The cloud mode is intruiging and adds variability that I really like. A few embellishments would be awesome:
    A. I’d like to see the ability to vary the duration of the cloud. Currently, only frequency is selectable.

    B. Having the ability to include or exclude clouds for sunrise, sunset and night modes in addition to day mode would be more realistic.

    C. Variable weather patterns over longer time scales like the moon phase feature would also be useful.

    D. The ability to reduce the frequency of lightning to more realistic norms might make it more palatable, now its like a mini strobe for a second or two every few minutes. Sort of annoying, I had to turn it off. If it occurred at appropriate times for more realistic durations it would be much better.

    E. The ability to assign PWM outputs to more than one cloud channel would permit much more variability.

    3rd Suggestion: Adding functionality to the temp probe would be cool. Perhaps having the ability to dim or shut off the lights if the water temperature exceeds safe levels.

    Lastly: Web interface… (I know thats a tall order for this product but I might buy a Storm XXX if it had it (hint, hint)!

    Thanks for a great product!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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