Fan Power PWM Board allows you to use any channel of your Storm or Storm X to control almost any 12V DC fan. The board includes its own 12V power supply to simplify the power requirements. This is "better" than the Fan Power & Control Board because it allows you to control almost any fan, instead of just PWM fans; and it can use any of the PWM outputs of the Storm/X to do so. Check out the youtube video to see it in action.

As of November 2016, this product comes fully assembled with no soldering required (previously it was a kit of parts that required soldering). A convenient solder jumper allows doubling up fans on a single control signal. Just bridge the solder pad on the bottom of the board to activate this functionality.

• Allows control of virtually any 12V cooling fan
• Selectable Power PWM or Control PWM modes
• Option to combine Channels 1 & 2, 3 & 4
• Four independent fan control channels
• Independent 12V power source
Comes fully assembled!

• Maximum 1000 mA combined fan current
• Maximum 300 mA individual fan current
• Maximum 12V DC input power supply
• Mounting holes 3mm @ 44mm x 29mm
• Board Dimensions 50mm x 35mm

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