This is a 6-channel PCB carrier board for the popular Meanwell LDD-H series of PWM constant current drivers. Use it to build up your custom drivers using the MeanWell LDD-H series of buck drivers. It can be configured to provide specific current capabilities (limits) for each channel such that it is perfectly suited to your setup. A perfect match to get six channel control with your Storm LED Controller. This board is commonly referred to as the "LDD 6up."

The design includes 10K pull-down resistors (pre-soldered to the PCB) to shut off the LED outputs if the PWM signal is disconnected (such as when a controller is reset). This avoids the common problem of having the LEDs go to 100% brightness when the controller is reset. Also includes all necessary terminal blocks & pull-down resistors. Soldering required for assembly.

  • Board Dimensions: 5.15" x 1.95"
  • Mounting Holes: 4.85" x 1.65" Diameter 3mm
  • Pre-soldered 10K pull-down resistors on each channel
  • Includes all necessary terminal blocks (solder yourself)
  • Compatible with Meanwell LDD-350H, LDD-500H, LDD-700H, LDD-1000H
  • 1-Yr Warranty
  • Does NOT include LDD drivers.
  • MeanWell LDD-H Series Datasheet
  • Assembly & Soldering Video
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