The Storm controller was originally designed with 0-5V PWM dimming in mind, however many users still use legacy 0-10V drivers. While we still recommend going with a full 5V PWM dimming setup using Mean Well LDD drivers, we understand that some users still want to use their Mean Well ELN-D or ELN-P series drivers. With this converter, the outputs of the Storm Controller are converted to 10V.

Because of the specialized nature of this converter, it is available via consultation and special order only. We want to make sure that it is compatible with your drivers so that you have the best experience possible. The 10V Converter is available in Analog or PWM flavors depending on your dimming scheme.

Please be aware that most 10V dimmers do not dim smoothly between 0-100%, instead they exhibit a threshold turn-on effect that will have your LEDs go from OFF to some relatively bright ON value with no apparent dimming in between. For example, the Mean Well ELN-60P Jumps from 0-15% and can dim between 15% to 95%. Consult your driver data sheet to verify its dimming characteristics.


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Storm 10V Converter Storm 10V Converter Storm 10V Converter Storm 10V Converter Storm 10V Converter

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